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The Throne of Fire  - Rick Riordan Aw, man! This ended too soon! :( How do they expect me to wait one whole year to find what happens next?!

I really liked this book! Fast-paced, generously peppered with witty sarcasm and a good story to boot, though sometimes it felt like Riordan was trying too hard with the sarcastic dialogues - they felt forced. Thoroughly enjoyed every time Sadie took up the narration. Sarcasm seems more natural to her character than Carter's.

Senile Ra just cracked me up! (Oh, noes! Vegetables!) There wasn't much of Bast or Khufu to my liking but Bes more than made up for it! Utterly sad what happened to him in the end though. Hope they can fix him in the next book.

Also, I have a feeling I know how Walt can be saved *winks* I'll wait for the final book to prove me right. Zia? Meh. After all the importance she was given in the last book, her role in this one just felt flat. Maybe she'll have a bigger role to play in next, judging by all that talk about her "destiny".

All in all a good read, recommended for all fantasy fiction fans. Now to begin the long, LONG wait for the next!