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City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare ** SPOILER ALERT **

Dear fellow Goodreader,

If you are a curious soul, like me, and you got past the spoiler alert anyway, AND you intend to read this book sometime in the future, then there's still time to change your mind, because I'm not going to hold anything back in this review.

Still here? Wise decision.

The writing in the first book was tolerable; the story had a smooth-ish flow and a sorta well-defined pace. The second book? Not so much. The story doesn't seem to so much as flow as be shoved down your throat. Everything seems to be forced. It's like Clare abandoned her original plot and decided to just wing it in order to win over more "fans". The plot is so bizarre with the characters displaying contradicting behaviour every few lines and stuff just happening with absolutely no reason given for it, WHATSOEVER.

Here are all the things that annoyed me beyond belief in this book -

1. Clary and Jace - For those who have't read the first book and don't intend to, these two are revealed to be siblings at the end (after they've made out a couple of times). BUT THEY STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER. At one point they even talk about going into hiding and being with each other, in between telling each other how much they want to suck face with the other person. I'm all for the LGBT movement and freedom to love whoever you want but, GOD, I draw the line at incest! Sheesh, Clare, in a YA book! What were you thinking?!

2. The Seelie court scene - What. The. Eff was that. The Queen of the Faeries summons them to her palace to discuss something. We are never told what that "something" is. Instead, Clare has the Queen (for some inexplicable reason) trap Clary and announce that she (the Queen) will release her (Clary) ONLY if Jace kisses her (Clary). AND THEN HE DOES (not in a brotherly way either, if you know what I mean).

I'll let the ridiculousness of this crap-fest sink in.

3. Vampire Simon - Yeah, Simon gets turned into a vampire. He sees Clary and Jace make out, loses it - understandably - and rushes into the midst of a bunch of vampires. The next thing we know, one of them brings his bloodied, almost dead body back to Clary and Jace with no trace of regret or guilt, and suggests they bury Simon so he can crawl his way out to become a full fledged vampire (O...kay?). Clary's reaction is so unbelievable - instead of attacking the vampire for what he and his clan did to Simon or, at least, ask what the hell actually happened to him, she asks the vampire, very calmly with no trace of anger, if it hurt Simon when the vampires attacked him. Seriously?

4. Maia - Maia is a werewolf. She is a friend of Luke's and we'll have known her all of two pages before she is attacked. While she is recuperating in Luke's house she meets Simon and screams bloody murder because she's a werewolf and Simon's a vampire and they're supposed to hate each other. ANYHOO, she later feels bad about her reaction because Simon's "the only one who treats her nice" and makes her feel like "she belongs" (HELLO? WE MET YOU TWO PAGES AGO!). So, she sneaks out of the house to go apologize to him and feels sorry for herself because nobody cares about her or thinks she is important and misses her (Read outraged message in caps above). Get over yourself, Maia!

5. Jace and Valentine - The author can't seem to make up her mind about whether Jace is Valentine's son or not. All of last book, she couldn't stress enough about how Jace looks exactly like Valentine, but we KNOW that that won't be the case and Jace won't turn out to be Clary's brother so that a way will be paved for the two to be finally together because there won't be another book if not and we all know Clare writes ONLY to please her fans and make more money, so now she seems to keep forgetting the plot of the first book and contradicts herself every few lines -

"His face was almost triangular, sharpening to a hard, pointed chin. He might have been considered handsome, Alec thought, but he was startlingly unlike Jace, lacking anything of his son's pale-gold looks...." ... and, literally, a few lines later ... "'Imogen,' Valentine said, his dark eyes grazing the Inquisitor with a look of satisfied amusement. That's Jace all over, that look, Alec thought."

I would have given this just one star, but that extra star is for the awesomeness that is Magnus Bane and that cute lil' thing he's got going on with Alec. Although, Magnus looks 19 but is actually 300(?) years old and Alec happens to be just 15 or 16, so that is a bit creep...



Never mind.