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Lord of Chaos  - Robert Jordan Well, I'm finally done. First things first. There was definitely a whole lot more happening than the last book. I liked that.

Rand - I really liked his story arc in this book. The amnesty he has declared? Very smart. I would like to see how that goes in the further books. Taim. Now, there's a mystery shrouded in a riddle. Just who is he and how is it that he knows so much with practically no help?!

Egwene - I realise why Egwene was made the Amyrlin, but I STILL find it hard to believe that she became SO powerful and SO knowledgeable in such a short period of time. I mean she was novice less than a year and an Accepted less than that! Where and when did she get all that training? I wish Jordan had elaborated a bit more on what the Aes Sedai and the Wise Ones taught her exactly. It was all very vague for me. Also, I find the transition of her behaviour from the last book to this one, very jarring. The last I saw her she was snapping and yelling and sniffing (God, how I hate that word now!) and all of a sudden, now, she's cool and calculating?

Nynaeve and Elayne - Didn't have much to do. And Nynaeve avoiding Mat? So NOT like her. And what is with Elayne and the way she and the rest of the women in this book treat Mat?! Surely there is no way SO many women can be SO arrogant and bitchy at the SAME time!

Mat - Again, didn't have much to do but he's one among the very few characters that is likable in this series now. Poor thing is unfairly treated and used against his will by ALL the women in the book. Would LOVE to see him give them a taste of their own medicine in the future (Give 'em hell from me, Mat!)

Perrin and Faile - The less I say about Faile, the better. I wish someone comes along and kills her already. And, Perrin, honey. The beard? NO. Faile? Even more so. Lord knows what he sees in her.

The Aiel - Fascinating people. Thoroughly enjoyed all the insight into their customs and ways of thinking.

Aes Sedai - I don't think there is a single Aes Sedai left that I like. Starting to miss Moiraine already.

The ending was AWESOME, but it showed up and ended too abruptly to sink in. Can't say I'm looking forward to reading the next.