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Matched - Ally Condie Oh Lord, this book! It was unbearably frustrating! It just didn't make sense! The setting was interesting enough - In a dystopic city in the future, everything is controlled by the Society (duh) - what you wear, what you eat, what you do, when you die - and who you are "Matched" with. Intriguing, yes? Unfortunately the author takes this and mangles it up into a rage-inducing mess of a story.

Cassia is matched with her best friend, Xander (And she is very happy about it - as the author clearly writes in the first few chapters) but then later, while viewing details of her match from a microcard or some such, another boy's (Ky's) face pops up instead of Xander's and Cassia begins to wonder if Ky is her match after all and if the Evil Society is up to no good.

The book stops being even mildly interesting here.

After we learn about Ky (that he happens to be one of the most BORING and CRINGE-WORTHY fictional romantic interests in the history of forever), we find out that Cassia has know him since childhood but has had NO romantic feelings towards him whatsoever UNTIL she saw his face via that microchip thing. All of a sudden we are bombarded with Cassia's memories of Ky which crop up out of nowhere and after a LOT of excruciatingly painful chapters where NOTHING happens apart from the two spouting random poetry to each other (really?), Ky teaching her HOW TO WRITE - 'cause, apparently, in the future they don't do that any more - and exchanging a large amount of drawings of Ky's "mysterious past" on some paper napkins, Cassia realises she has fallen in love with him. BUT (*le gasp*) it is forbidden (!!!!!!) because he is an "Aberration" (Vampire, Aberration, Possibly-own-brother... who can tell the difference anymore?)

And now, the ending. I won't hide this as a spoiler, because, trust me, you'll thank me for saving you the trouble of reading this book. Turns out, the Society had orchestrated this love affair all along. She was MEANT to see his face "accidentally" and they were MEANT to fall in love with each other for NO reason whatsoever - all as a part of an "experiment". About what? Nobody knows. The Officials take away Ky to some strange place called the Outer Province and Cassia decides to set out and find him, as, according to the author, finding him will SOMEHOW cause the destruction of the Society - which they are ONLY NOW realising they don't like. How is finding Ky going to solve their problems? Nobody knows.

I know, right?! And I didn't even have to tell you about the absurd plot line of poetry being banned and dangerous. You're welcome.