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Three Act Tragedy - Agatha Christie I might have been finished with this review earlier but I was a bit TOO BUSY REFRESHING POTTERMORE FOR THE DAMN CLUE.


Three Act tragedy was, in my opinion, not one of Chrisite's best works. Maybe I have read too many of her books by now to recognise her style, because I knew who the culprit was after about the first hundred pages. That's not to say I could guess the motive behind the murder(s) - Christie excelled at it as ever.

Unlike other books, Poirot, after making an extremely brief appearance in the beginning, didn't show up for at least another hundred pages; instead we had other characters digging around and foraging for clues. His absense was sorely felt. Of all the characters, only that of Charles Cartwright was intriguing, most of everybody else didn't have much to do.

3 stars.