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A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore Q. What do you get when you throw together -
-> A newly appointed "Death Merchant" in charge of helping souls find the right bodies
-> An infant girl who has the ability to kill people by merely pointing at them and saying "kitty"
-> A lesbian who "borrows" her brother's Armani suits to hit on Yoga instructors
-> A sixteen-year old goth girl who has a penchant for all things dark and broody
-> An ex-cop with a disturbing obsession for dating websites for desperate Filipino (wo)men
-> A Russian lady who has an odd fondness for bears
-> A Chinese lady who swipes dead pets to make soup out of them
-> A fellow "Death Merchant" named Minty Fresh, who wears only lime green clothes
-> A homeless man who thinks he's the Emperor of San Fransisco and owns an army - of three dogs
-> A female Buddhist monk who creates fashionably-dressed stuffed animals and animates them using the souls she steals
-> Two old women who fake their own death and absolutely, positively refuse to die
-> Three creatures of Darkness who lurk around in sewers and heckle at you as you pass by - and then try to kill you
-> Two giant, black hell-hounds named Alvin and Mohammed, who'll eat anything from frozen chicken to fire extinguishers?

A. One hysterically funny book you SHOULD NOT MISS.