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Just One Wish - Janette Rallison Every now and then a book comes along which is sweet and funny and heart-warming, and you're zipping through the pages smiling to yourself, laughing at the protagonist's antics (where she either has a snake draped around her neck because she's pretending to be an animal wrangler or is forced to play a pretty nun in a popular teen TV show as she is confused for an extra) and going "awww" at the cute romance blossming between the protagonist and the hot male lead in the above mentioned TV show, feeling all warm and gooey and at peace with the world because you can practically smell the happy ending a few pages away, when along comes a (figurative) fist and PUNCHES YOU IN THE GUT.

But you STILL love the book despite the tears and the snot because it is THAT GOOD.

This is one of those books.