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Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine This book was so cute! I saw the movie a few years back and was expecting something along the same lines but the book was a lot different!

Ella Frell is cursed - to obey every single direct command anybody gives her. As you can imagine, it makes life a trifle difficult. Tired of being used, especially by her two step-sisters, she sets out - armed with pluck, determination and a fairy godmother who has her back - to find the Fairy who cursed her and get her to reverse the spell. Oh and there's a cute prince in the story as well, Prince Charmont (Char, to his friends) who she might just be in love with AND who might just love her back!

The story is a hilarious and charming retelling of 'Cinderella'. Ella enchanted me (see what I did there?), as did Char. I loved to hate Hattie and Olivia, and laughed to bits at their atrocious spelling! I did wish I could have seen what Lucinda had to go through when she was turned into a squirrel but oh well, all's well that ends well.


I do love me a happy ending! :D