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The Medusa Plot - Gordon Korman 2.5 stars. The extra half star to round it up to 3 is for the sheer fun the previous books were.

Not quite the page turner I was expecting. Oh, it was action-packed alright, but it somehow felt a bit lackluster compared to the previous 39 clues books. Where's Riordan when you need him?!

Amy and Dan are, once again, racing against time - this time trying to save the lives of seven of their lot who have been kidnapped by the mysterious Vesper One. He/she needs Amy and Dan to steal certain priceless art, now lost to the world in exchange for the lives of their friends. This obviously sees the Cahill siblings travel all over the world to complete their mission.

Question - Why Amy and Dan? Why not the Kabras or the Holts or the Starlings or anybody else? What is so special about these two? I know a little suspension of disbelief is required here but I find it hard to digest that seven people, including three adults, are kidnapped before you can say 'jackrabbit' and it's up to two teens to save them.

I dislike how everything conveniently falls into place for Amy and Dan - they get away with stealing a highly guarded painting right from the museum, breeze through another heist - this time from an art collector's house where there are several security guards present, escape Italian police by disguising themselves in a blonde wig and "dorky" glasses and live through bomb explosions, shoot-outs and kidnap attempts. I mean, COME ON!

The book ended with absolutely no resolution. There was absolutely no progress throughout the book in spite of the Cahills being constantly on the move - there was no difference in their situation from page 1 to page 224. At the end, their friends are still being held hostage and Amy and Dan (while wasting many pages thinking about how the other sibling has changed since the Clue hunt and wondering if they have changed as well) still have no idea how to save them or who Vesper One is.

I wasn't satisfied.