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You Wish - Mandy Hubbard Holy multiplying gumballs, Batman! This book was SO MUCH FUN!

16-year old Kayla has a problem - all the birthday wishes she ever made are coming true.

It all starts with a frosted, four-tiered, pink birthday cake where, out of frustration, Kayla makes an impromptu Dear-God-My-Life-Sucks-Cut-Me-Some-Slack wish. A wish that somehow makes all her birthday wishes so far, come true.

First, a kicking and breathing, hot-pink 'My Little Pony' appears in her backyard, complete with an ice cream cone tattoo on its butt. Then, her entire room is filled with truckloads of gumballs. And then, her favourite childhood doll comes to life. And then, Ken (Barbie's Ken) shows up at her doorstep claiming to be her boyfriend. AND THEN, she turns into a mermaid.

She finally hits the panic button when she realises that her last birthday wish was for her long time crush, Ben Mackenzie, to kiss her - Ben Mackenzie who is now her BFF Nicole's boyfriend. So, before her friendship with Nicole - who is, for some reason, distancing herself from Kayla - is ruined for ever, Kayla has to find a way to stop this "magic" from spiraling out of control!

A cute read with more than a few laughs. Utterly loved Kayla and Ann. Alternatively cheered and groaned with Kayla at all her antics, and giggled each time the gumballs popped up everywhere. Nicole thoroughly annoyed me throughout the book, but kind of redeemed herself in the end. While Ben was nice, the author did more of a "telling" than a "showing" where he was concerned - we only heard about how he and Kayla were soul mates but it never shone through in the story. The ending was very abrupt and that was about the only thing about this book that I did not like.