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An Abundance of Katherines - John Green Most people have a "type" they fall for in the opposite sex. 18-year old prodigy Colin Singleton has one too - he only falls for girls who are named "Katherine" (that exact spelling) and, for various reasons, he also gets dumped by them. After getting dumped by a Katherine for the 19th time, his best friend Hassan decides to take Colin on a road trip - one that might change his life.

This is a sweet, often hilariously funny, coming-of-age story revolving around -

a) Colin - An anagramming whiz, who is tired of being dumped by Katherines, tired of being bullied for his abilities and tired of being just a prodigy and not a genius. All Colin wants is to matter in life. He wants to have that ONE "Eureka" moment, where his discovery will leave a mark in history and also in a Katherine's life - Katherine #19 in particular. And so, he embarks on a mission to come up with a mathematical theorem, one that will successfully predict the outcome of a relationship between two people.

b) Hassan - a food-loving, overweight, devout Muslim of Lebanese origin, who doesn't do things he's not supposed to do (girls, alcohol, drugs) but also doesn't do anything he's supposed to do either (like, go to college), and turns to humor to compensate for it.

c) Lindsey - a girl they run into during their road trip. A chameleon who assumes a different personality when among different people (she is still trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs), she might just break Colin's "Katherine" streak.

An engaging read for anyone going through an identity crisis - may not solve your problem but will, at the very least, prod you down the right path.