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The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2) - Rick Riordan The Problem -
Gaea (Mother Earth, but evil) is awakening. Two of her sons, the formidable giants Polybotes and Alcyoneus (Call me Al!) are gathering their armies of monsters. Thanatos, god of Death, has been captured which means nobody is dying, or rather, when they do, they don't remain dead. Their point of attack - Camp Jupiter, the Roman version of Camp Half-blood.

The Quest -
As Mars (Ares, to the Greeks) so eloquently puts it - "Go to Alaska. Find Thanatos and free him. Come back by sundown on June twenty-fourth or die."

The Demigods -

Percy Jackson : Does he really need an introduction? Son of Neptune (Poseidon). Water-controller. Recent Amnesiac. New Camp Jupiter recruit. FREQUENT quest-goer. All-round awesome guy.

Frank Zhang : Son of Mars. Ace archer. Kindhearted klutz. Shape-shifter. Chinese Canadian baby man. Life depends on a stick.

Hazel Levesque : Daughter of Pluto (Hades). Precious metal controller. Kick-ass warrior. Horse lover. Back from the dead.

Octavian : Creepy, stuffed-toys-mutilating, self-absorbed, pain-in-the-ass Seer.

Reyna : Praetor (leader) of the Roman Camp. Annoying know-it-all. Has a thing for Jason.

Special shout-outs : Ella (a harpy with possibly Asperger's syndrome), Terminus (the armless, lower-body-less God who guards the boundaries of Camp Jupiter), Vitellius (a Roman ghost who knows everything and lets people know that, loudly and often) and residential cool cat, Don the faun (who can rock a 'fro like nobody's business)

The Review -
I LOVED IT. I stayed up most of last night and forewent breakfast today to finish the book. It was a typical Riordan affair with action and humour galore. I love his spins on the Greek and (this time) Roman mythology. I think he's an amazing writer and am insanely jealous of his talent.

Frank is adorable and, for me, at least, easily over-shadowed Percy in the story. Hazel has perhaps the most interesting arc - and that thing with Leo (!) - I'm waiting to see how it all plays out. While it was interesting to learn about the Roman camp, I kinda missed Camp Half-blood, Grover, Chiron and the rest. Nico's presence made up for that a little, but he was on for only a short while and under-utilized.

The battle at the end was AWESOME! Terminus totally rocked it (pardon the pun)! The cliffhanger at the end, however, didn't, because now I have to wait till this time NEXT YEAR for the sequel.