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A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Read - William Rabkin Sheer fun, people!

Psych, for those who have been living under a rock till now, is an American whodunit comedy series wherein the wise-cracking protagonist, Shawn Spencer, pretends to be a psychic (long story) and solves crimes that baffles even the police, thanks to him being hyper-observant. He is aided by his best-friend-since-kindergarten, Gus, who also works as a pharmaceutical rep when he is not being coerced by Shawn into doing things he DEFINITELY did not sign up for. The show's awesome and hilarious. You should watch it.

This book is a tie-in for the show and William Rabkin, one of the show's writers, does a brilliant job of transferring the characters beautifully onto the printed page without losing any of their essence.

When Gus' car gets impounded while he and Shawn are out wrapping up a case, our story begins. They realise something's amiss when the guy at the impound lot whips out a shotgun and shoots at them, while they are trying to get Gus' car released. Right after that, they run into a beautiful woman, Tara, who claims that Shawn is giving her instructions "psychically" which she has no choice but to obey.

It is amusing for Shawn and Gus, at first, to play along with Tara and make her do their errands, but things take a serious turn when people start turning up dead around Tara and she claims that Shawn told her to do it. Shawn has to now clear his name before anyone else gets murdered. Meanwhile, there's a billionaire benefactor in town who may not be what he seems.

The book is a HILARIOUS roller-coaster ride from start to finish! The witty banter between Shawn and Gus is a delight to read (it's even better when you imagine the actors playing the scene out!). I really enjoyed the book as the plot was more detailed and fleshed-out here.

Very enjoyable even if you aren't familiar with the TV show!