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Mind Over Magic - William Rabkin 2.5 actually.

Well, one can't win 'em all, I guess. I didn't like this as much as its predecessor. The voices of the characters seemed a bit off. I honestly couldn't picture either Shawn or Gus saying some of the things they did in the book. It was a little short on laughs, as well, as compared to the prequel and the ending was just bizarre! It didn't make any sense! I never really understood who P'tol P'kah was (Was it just one person or were there two people taking turns? No idea). Shawn adamantly refusing to pronounce P'tol P'kah's name right got a bit old after a while (though some of his variations were funny - "P’teter P’karker", "P’nut P’butter", "P’Torky P’kig")

Skip this one.