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Saving Juliet - Suzanne Selfors I'm beginning to worry every time I have to review a book which has already been reviewed by Namz - there's no way I can top her! So, go read her take on the book if you want to know about the fun plot and the charming characters - I'm going to skip the synopsis and get right ahead to my thoughts on the story.

Saving Juliet was yet another cutesy YA romcom by Suzanne Selfors. I loved Selfors' version of Juliet; she wasn't the swooning-on-the-balcony or trying-to-kill-self-because-her-lover-killed-himself type. She was more the stuff-herself-with-onions-to-repel-old-guy-trying-to-marry-her and create-her-own-destiny-and-follow-her-dreams type - It made her seem all the more real.

I felt Troy wasn't handled well, at least in the beginning. At first we were consistently told that he was a jerk and not to be liked but then all of a sudden Selfors switched gears and we had to believe he was, in fact, not a jerk but just misunderstood. It felt contrived.

Overall, 3.5 stars out of 5