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What was this mess?


So there's this city, right? Every person in that city is a reincarnated soul, right? Except for this one girl, let's call her Bessie (I forget her name), who is a new soul - she was born in place of a to-be-reincarnated soul. So everybody hates her, including her own mother. So, the girl leaves home on her birthday to find out the truth behind her birth and what went wrong with the other soul, then runs into some shadow monster, then falls into a lake and gets rescued by this guy (let's call him Bob). And then they talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. About nothing. In very stilted dialogues. (I started skipping pages after this). Something something about a Heart, how Bessie thinks EVERYBODY hates her, how Bessie thinks there's something odd about Bob, but oh, she might be falling in love with him...followed by more something something...old libraries, dragons, Bessie's Dad...


I stopped reading right about there. And all this happens in the first 30 pages.

In summation (only because I want to post a gif of the beautiful, beautiful, Benedict Cumberbatch) -


Stay away for your own good.