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Bucko - Jeff Parker 3.5 stars out of 5

This was a quick read! Bucko is an amusing web-comic turned into a graphic novel. Story follows the (mis)adventures of Rich "Bucko" Richardson, who, one day, wakes up in a girl's (Gyp's) apartment after a drunken night and realizes he is late for an important job interview. He rushes over only to find out that he's actually early and is in desperate need to go to the bathroom. He barges into the loo and finds a man, dead, on the floor with a knife in his neck, and is immediately spotted by a witness. Naturally, he becomes the prime suspect.

After being bailed out by Gyp (there was no hard evidence against Bucko), he goes to a party with her and her friends, walks into the loo there and, yep, finds another dead guy with a knife in his neck, on the floor. Completely losing his mind, he takes off into the night. Now, it's up to Gyp, Dell (Gyp's lesbian roommate), Chad (Bucko's plugs-in-earlobes, douchebag of a roommate), Sindee (breastfeeds others' babies for money while selling candles -- whose wax, by the way, is made out of breast-milk -- on Etsy (Don't ask.)) and a Juggalette they run into on their way, to find Bucko and solve the mysterious murders of the dead guys with knives in their necks.

I liked this! I laughed out loud in several places. My favourite character, hands down, has to be Dell (She can rock a Dracula cape like no one else!) and my favourite part was when drunk Dell broke into "Lady Marmalade" on the stage and started stripping! ~snort~

One more thing I should mention is that the people behind this book, Jeff Parker and Erika Moen, have provided their own commentary throughout the book (almost every page) which makes the book even more enjoyable!

The entire comic is available online here. Scott Pilgrim series fans should like this one :)

ARC provided by NetGalley and Dark Horse Comics.