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The Last Guardian - Eoin Colfer 4.5 stars for the entire series as a whole!

It's like the seventh book didn't even happen. Eoin Colfer is back with a bang, and how!

The Last Guardian has :

- Criminal Mastermind Juvenile Genius, Artemis Fowl, back in full form and all his brainiac glory.
- Captain Holly Short, as kick-ass as ever.
- Butler, still hoping his primary's end-of-the-world shenanigans stop for good, soon!
- Myles and Beckett Fowl, Artemis's four-year old siblings. Twins. (God help the world!)
- Foaly, as vain and awesome as ever (Seriously. How cool was his rescue of Caballine in almost-but-not-quite-the-end? Dude!)
- Mulch Diggums, still saving everyone's backside (pun intended) after they've gone and messed things up (as usual), thank you very much!
- Evil Mastermind, Opal Koboi, the deranged and psychotic pixie who wants to be the Empress of all and refers to herself as "Mommy" to her minions. (Guys, she is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....)
- Beserkers, Opal's unwitting minions. Ghosts in need of a body to possess for killing humans and who will not be put off by the choice of bodies available, be it alive or dead, and be it human or a couple of oblivious, and extremely unlucky, ducklings.
- Non-stop action.
- Extremely hilarious and witty zingers peppered generously throughout the book.


The thing I LOVE about Colfer is how brillaintly planned his stories are! For example, a completely innocuous thing that happened in the first page of the book will turn out to be important to the plot in the very last page. This, in sharp contrast to some "authors" I could mention who make things up by the page and hope that we wouldn't notice!

But, the ending of The Last Guardian. Hmmm. I don't know, you guys. I'm conflicted. On one hand, I liked it - there was closure (sort of), BUT, on the other hand, I also...didn't like it?


It was missing an epilogue and, trust me, the book really, really needed one, in my opinion. I wanted to know what happened to everybody and how they set about coping in the "new world" what with technology everywhere being destroyed...

Judge it for yourself when you read it. Which should be any second now. Why are you still here? GO READ!