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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss It was my fault. I had WAY too many expectations from this one.

I positively adored and devoured the first installment of this series, The Name of the Wind, and so, understandably, I had high hopes for its sequel. But, man, what a let-down!

Let me make one thing clear here - I wasn't disappointed with the writing in this book; I was disappointed with the editing. Dreadfully done. There were just SO many parts of the book that we could have simply done without (As one reviewer put it - the goddamn Felurian bit!).

I get it, really. It's Rothfuss' baby so he'll write whatever the hell he wishes, but, if not him, couldn't at least the editor keep the readers in mind and crop out the unnecessary parts? Honestly, somewhere around the middle of the book (after Kvothe sets out to hunt down the bandits) I was skipping pages more often than reading them.

I also got the feeling that Rothfuss doesn't really understand women. Did anybody understand what Fela said when she was explaining how the female mind works (keeping Denna's behaviour in mind) to Kvothe? I certainly didn't - and I'm a woman!

I was all set to give this book 5 stars. And then I hit the Felurian part, and I came down to 4 stars. I ended up giving The Wise Man's fear 3 stars when I realized that I could have skipped this book and gone directly to the third, and I wouldn't have missed a thing.

P.S - I hate Denna. A lot. With a passion.
P.P.S - Goddamn Felurian!