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A Pocketful of Eyes - Lili Wilkinson If Sherlock Holmes were a teenage girl, he'd probably be like Bee Ross. Bee likes to observe things and break them down into bullet points. She also likes mysteries and can list all of the original Nancy Drew book titles from memory (that won me over, that did). She works in the taxidermy department (when was that seen last time in YA?!) of a Museum - where she stuffs dead animals - alongside a cute nerd, who seems to know the ins and outs of the mating rituals of all the animals ever, AND her mom is a sixteen-year old D&D/Star Wars fanatic living in a grown woman's body.

(If all those tidbits didn't make you click the green "want-to-read" button, then what the hell are you doing on Goodreads?!)

Bee is one of the most unique and deliciously eccentric characters I've come across in YA in recent times ever! Half of me is desperately craving a sequel but the other half knows that anything more will simply ruin the perfection that is Bee and her story. I shall just have to comfort myself with more of Wilkinson's brilliant writings *sigh*

P.S - Just a heads-up : The tiger mentioned in the blurb has nothing to do with the plot.