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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa "Sweet sixteen. It has a magical ring to it. Sixteen is supposed to be the age when girls become princesses and fall in love and go to dances and proms and such. Countless stories, songs, and poems have been written about this wonderful age, when a girl finds true love and the stars shine for her and the handsome prince carries her off into the sunset."

Before I begin the review, I just want to say a few words to all the 16-year olds out there reading the YA novels being "written" these days...

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "TRUE LOVE" AT SIXTEEN. Liking someone is not equal to love (At the most, it can be puppy love, but you'll grow out of it, trust me). YOU WILL NOT FIND THE PERSON YOU WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH AT SIXTEEN. THIS IS A LIE. The truth is, you'll fall in and out of "love" several times in your life (mostly with fictional characters and/or celebrities) until you eventually find "the one" and, at least once in your life, someone will break your heart. But it's ok - you'll live and come out of it stronger. Trust me on that. More importantly, when you are sixteen, your family SHOULD BE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYBODY ELSE, SO YOU DO NOT PUT SOMEONE (Especially a "devastatingly gorgeous" guy who keeps stressing that he will kill you, if ordered) BEFORE THEM, EVER. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT. So, enjoy your teens with your family and friends (after which you'll probably grow up and get stuck in a job you hate), instead of giving it all up for some douche who might not even be around THE SAME TIME NEXT MONTH!


I won't go through the plot as it feels like the plot takes a backseat to the love story in The Iron King. Instead, let's talk about the three main characters.

- Meghan Chase (A.K.A Mary Sue, Bella II) :

Now, I wish I could have given an earful of the above rant to Meghan. Oh, poor, stupid Meghan. When we first meet her, she seems likable enough - an ordinary 16-year old girl who crushes on the cutest guy in school, hangs out with her best friend, Robin (who also happens to be in love with her because ... I don't know why), doing normal 16-year old stuff and wants to run away to find a better life.

But all that changes when, she find out she's half-faery and she has all these powers that make her super special and awesome without having to do anything, that every single guy she meets falls in love with her inexplicably, while she just stands around (it's because she's special), AND that, somehow, the entire fate of the faery world has ended up resting upon her shoulders, JUST BECAUSE.

(Did I mention she's special?)

Suddenly, Meghan slowly devolves into a Bella Swan clone, who has to be rescued from crises (that she created in the first place by being stubborn and not listening to people who know better) and falls in love with a "devastatingly gorgeous", pale-faced, brooding, centuries-old-but-looks-like-a-teen, I-love-you-but-I-also-want-to-kill-you romantic interest, proclaims her true, undying love to him and torturously moans to us about how she can't live without him.... EVEN AFTER HE MENTIONS SEVERAL TIMES TO HER FACE THAT BOTH THEIR FAMILIES ARE BITTER RIVALS AND HE MIGHT HAVE TO KILL HER AT SOME POINT BECAUSE HE IS LOYAL TO HIS FAMILY.

Oh, Meghan...


- Prince Ash (A.K.A Edward II) :

He is the aforementioned devastatingly gorgeous, pale-faced, brooding, centuries-old-but-looks-like-a-teen, I-love-you-but-I-also-want-to-kill-you romantic interest.

It is never made clear how and why he falls in love with Meghan. At one point he says it's because she looks a lot like his ex (Run, Meghan, run!) but when his ex is finally described, she sounds nothing like Meghan, so that's an unsolved mystery right there.

Ash is described as gorgeous, beautiful, breath-taking, unearthly in as many adjectives as possible every time he is in the scene. His eyes are always cold and hard, and he also seems to have some sort of a speech problem because he can't seem to speak above a murmur at any given time.


- Robin/Puck (A.K.A Jacob II) :

He is Meghan's best friend and guardian. He has been surreptitiously protecting her since she was little and has, in the process, fallen in love with her. But Meghan is truly, deeply, madly in love with Ash so Puck gets friendzoned faster than you can say 'Jacob'.

To heal his wounded heart, Puck resorts to terrible puns and, clearly what he considers as witty, jibes directed at Ash. He also seems to be capable of displaying very few emotions on his face as he is always seen either grinning wickedly or smirking evilly or sneering deviously.




The story isn't half-bad, at first. In fact, I was ready to give this book a four-star rating....until about halfway through it, when the "love triangle" kicked in and Puck uttered his 275034th "Princess".

It was all downhill from there.