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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card My eyesight *may* be in danger after last night where I stayed up reading the book into the wee hours because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.

What a fantastic ride!

Sure, I found it hard to digest that six year olds went around killing each other and planning battle strategies, ten year olds went around commanding entire battle fleets and thirteen year olds went around plotting to take over the world, but I cheated and made them age a little in my head while reading, so it's all good!

I confess I did NOT see the shocker of a twist coming but I also confess that once I digested it, it sort of felt a bit - flat? It was THAT easy? THAT simple so a ten year old could do it? What sort of a future is this anyway, where the adults are SO helpless that they need to take help from kids who are NOT EVEN IN THEIR TEENS?

Unwilling suspension of disbelief aside, the entire duration at Battle school was fascinating and kept me turning pages till the end of it. I do believe the ending could have been a bit better (I still don't know the reason why they were attacking the buggers when there was no provocation from their side) and the whole Locke and Demosthenes bit was unnecessary, but that's my opinion.