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Flat-Out Love  - Jessica Park All in all, a good book, but, come on, who didn't see the plot-twist coming a mile away?!

The ending was a bit lackluster for me, since after the big reveal there was a sudden change in the tenses (People who were, till then, saying "Finn is" abruptly began saying "Finn was" instead), as well as, character behaviour (Celeste, especially. In the beginning she behaved as though she was completely oblivious to her kookiness, but at the end we got the "I'm not crazy, you know, I know how I behave" speech, which felt very unreal to me).

I sort of found Matt utterly unbelievable. I mean, according to the blurb, he had "the social skills of a spool of USB cable" but throughout he was going around flirting with Julie, making smooth, witty retorts with complete ease, and even went on a date which ended in a make-out session(!). Not buying it, Park.

And who is Julie, anyway? I felt her character exploration left a lot to be desired - her relationship with her father, especially!

Bottom line - Could have been a lot better.