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Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn As unfair as comparison is, I didn't like this one quite as much as Gone Girl. Perhaps it was because it's pretty easy to figure out the killer(s) quite early in the book. Or maybe it was because while Gone Girl evoked a wide range of emotions in me - made me feel sorry for the characters and root for them (except at the end) - all Sharp objects managed to make me feel was a deep, horrifying disgust. I quite loathed all the characters, MC included.

One of the reasons I enjoy Flynn's works is that she brings out the (absolute) worst in the female half of the population, which, in my opinion, is not covered enough in today's literature. The other reason happens to be her beautiful, descriptive writing (she can even have a simple scene of someone taking a bath make your skin crawl).

If reading about the worst of human psyche is your thing, give this a whirl.