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Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops - Jen Campbell SO. MUCH. FUN!

(phone rings)
CUSTOMER: Hi there. I have a complaint I’d like to make.
BOOKSELLER: I’m sorry to hear that; what seems to be the problem?
CUSTOMER: My daughter’s been having nightmares about The Gruffalo.
CUSTOMER: What are you going to do about it?
BOOKSELLER: Well, I hasten to add that I have never heard of a child having nightmares about The Gruffalo before. It’s certainly not meant to be a scary book, and I’m sure the person who recommended this book to you didn't intend for this to happen either. When did you buy this book from us?
CUSTOMER: We didn't buy it from you.
BOOKSELLER: ... Right.
CUSTOMER: I’m calling from Canada. I've googled all the bookshops I can find, and I’m calling you up to request that you stop stocking the book immediately.
BOOKSELLER: ... Right.
CUSTOMER: So, are you going to get rid of the copies that you do have?
BOOKSELLER: No, I’m afraid we won’t be doing that.
CUSTOMER: And why is that?
BOOKSELLER: Because this appears to be an isolated incident, and the book is loved by many of our customers.
CUSTOMER: Right .... I see. Well. I’ll be splitting my daughter’s counselling bill and sharing it out amongst heartless booksellers like you!
BOOKSELLER: Out of interest, how many bookshops have agreed to get rid of the book so far?
CUSTOMER: I think you’ll find that that’s besides the point.
(Phone goes dead.)